Clinician Business Labs is proud to be associated with the following change-makers:

The Confident Clinician is a clinical resource that connects Naturopathic Doctors and Integrative Practitioners to our educators, our database and ongoing evidence-based updates to keep busy practitioners informed and confident about clinical decision making. With over 1000 resources including webinars, diagnostic checklists, handouts, protocols and templates, our database covers medical topics including women’s health, mental health, cardiovascular health, dermatology, gastroenterology, obesity medicine and more. Learn more at: confidentclinicianclub.com 

Bridging the gap between nutraceuticals and evidence-based medicine

NFH is a Canadian natural health product innovator devoted to the integration and application of evidence-based natural product science in clinical practice. We manufacture formulations of the highest quality for exclusive use by licensed healthcare practitioners. The focus in our formulations is optimal efficacy combined with patient safety. Our Scientific Advisory Panel and Medical Consultancy Group provide essential guidance in formulating our products and positioning our product line for professional use. Choosing the best natural health product for your patient is about confidence in your prescription. Learn more at: nfh.ca


Science is Our Differentiation

After running clinical analysis with over 5,000 diverse participants, the DNA Company has developed incredible insights about genomic expression that no other company can offer. The DNA 360 Report will provide you with reports on sleep, diet, hormones, fitness, cardiovascular system, mood, immunity, detox and more. Each report gives you easy to understand recommendations that help you improve your own health or the health of your patients. 

Learn more at: thednacompany.com/


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