Being an entrepreneur and a naturopathic doctor presents an interesting set of challenges and opportunities. My pressures to ‘get it all done’ in a day are the same as other business creators and go-getters, but it is an absolute imperative, that I do it with respect for my wellbeing.

It is in this quest, to maximize my health, potential and output, that I have found such alignment towards the ‘Bulletproof’ mindset and community. True to form, it wasn’t enough for me to read the book or try the products. In pursuit of my desire to bring you the best and learn from the greatest, I headed straight to the source – The Bulletproof Biohacking conference in Pasadena. Last week, over three action-filled days, I played with virtual reality, hung out with portable cryochambers and tried new tools to help improve sleep and relaxation. While I am slowly packaging and unrolling this information in sharable nuggets, I thought I would start with one of the most popular features of the Bulletproof Conference…. The bottomless supply of Bulletproof Coffee.

This amazing trigger for focus and brain energy is easily achievable at home. Thanks to Bulletproof Team Member, Jonathan, I jumped backstage to learn exactly how the experts prepare their perfect cup of coffee.

Check it out!

Looking for the ingredients for YOUR cup of BP coffee, you can grab what you need from my online store.

Here’s to a good cup of java!