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Clinician Business Labs supports regulated, complementary practitioners looking to build a clinical practice with IMPACT. There are many options that will teach you to scale your business online… But what if you want to work with patients one-on-one?

Clinician Business Labs is an online incubator for clinician entrepreneurs. Incubator: [in-kyuh-bey-ter]An incubator is a business acceleration organization that assists start-ups and entrepreneurs in building and launching successful companies. The First 18 is an incubator for wellness clinicians and entrepreneurs as they launch their new practice or business from inception through the first 18 months.

We value authenticity, service, contribution and a badass desire to change lives while simultaneously building a life.

Our mission is to launch successful, sustainable practitioner entrepreneurs who can heal and inspire without the fear or overwhelm that accompanies the launch of a new, or frankly, any business. CBL was founded by practicing Naturopathic Doctor and serial entrepreneur, Dr.Meghan Walker.

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CBL Membership

Community. Tribe. Belonging.

These concepts are powerful drivers of health and momentum. The CBL membership is a community of innovative clinicians, dedicated to providing effective care through the foundation of a strong business. Leadership as clinicians requires an equal dedication to our own vision for our careers, families and lives. The CBL membership provides enriched monthly programming and exclusive access to events, conversations and content that will move you business and life to new levels.

Innovators Only.

Monthly membership starts at $15/month

Hear What Other Clinicians Are Saying

“The First 18 program was an essential part of the successful start to my solo practice in a new city after maternity leave. Despite having worked for other clinics over the years, opening my own practice in a new city meant starting a business from scratch. Dr Meghan Walker and her program solidified my business plan and stepped up my marketing strategies, brand awareness and financial planning that lead to opening my solo practice with a 3 week waitlist which quickly built to an 8 week list. I can’t rave enough about the details and knowledge Dr. Meghan Walker shared and her passion for all of us to succeed. The First 18 course is a MUST for all health professionals looking to start their own practice or for those who are wanting to stand out in their niche.”

Anita Lambert, Physiotherapist

“I would not be standing where I am today without the foundational knowledge that is The First 18. Meghan and her team have developed a program that isn’t just trendy, it’s sustainable. This investment paid off in my first 3 months of practice, and has exceeded expectations every day since.”

Dr. Ashley Margeson ND

“Meghan is a true leader when it comes to building innovative and thriving health-focused businesses. She’ll help you take your grand vision and turn it into actionable items to make your business activities more efficient, enjoyable and profitable.”

Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur ND

“Dr. Walker was fantastic to work with and really helped me re-solidify my goals, identify targeted outcomes and get everything set up to function properly for my practice. She’s also a super techie nerd and had a lot of great suggestions and advice to offer for what she’s found useful in practice. I also REALLY appreciated that she was an ND, helping other NDs build their businesses and brands. I’ve done other online business work previously and there was always a little something missing that others didn’t understand about our scope or practice techniques. Highly recommended to do any work you can with her!”

Dr. Shannon Morgenstern ND

“Meghan has stood out as an empowering, passionate leader as long as I’ve known her. When she launched her business coaching program I was excited to be a part of it because I was ready to learn from her experience.”

Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND RAc

“Investing in Meghan was the best thing I have done for my business  – hands down!  She has a great mind and methodology and worked with me to systematically elevate my practice.  The fact that she is an ND and has intimate knowledge of practice is invaluable.  Since working with Meghan my business and earnings have escalated and I have greater knowledge, confidence, and business & marketing savvy moving forward.  If you’re hesitating about spending the money – don’t!  Bringing Meghan on board is worth every penny and you will see the return on this investment.”

Dr. Laura Brass ND

“Dr. Meghan Walker is a rockstar!  I recommend her course to anyone looking to take a leap with their business or business concept. Dr. Meghan challenges you to think big, and offers tangible tools and advice to move your forward in the direction of your dreams, sooner.”

Vanessa Ast-Biller PT, Pelvic Floor Specialist, Founder, Vastfit

“I gained tremendous value from The First 18. I participated when I was months into practice, and I still found incredible benefit. Through active participation, The First 18 brought about clarity and a refined focus to my brand and added strategy to my initiatives! I feel like participation in this program has accelerated my ability to help more people in a highly impactful way!”

Dr. Janessa Chambers ND

“Working with Meghan has been a game changer for my business! While I always had an idea of what I could and should do – her actionable steps helped me get started and work towards the practice that I’ve always aspired of having. I’m now laser focused on the women I am looking to help, and helping solve their problems so they can lead the lives they’ve always envisioned of having! Overall, learning from someone who has been through it all has been invaluable. If you are ready to make an impact and have a legacy, this program is for you!”

Dr. Alexia Priolo ND

“I owe a huge chunk of my success to Meghan. I had a booming personal training business before meeting her but I knew I was capable of more. Since working with her I’ve come to the realization that I ( and everyone in this world for that matter… including you) was capable of taking my business well beyond what I initially thought was possible in my industry.”

Matt Pauderis, Personal Trainer

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The Entrepology Podcast is hosted by Dr. Meghan Walker ND. Join her as she engages world class practitioners, entrepreneurs and go-getters as they unlock and deconstruct the secrets to their success. The Entrepology Podcast supports the health and optimization of women on a mission as entrepreneurs and world changers.

Signature Program

Are you a practitioner looking to have massive impact, but still want to work one-on-one with patients? The First 18 has been designed for practitioners, in years 1 through 4, who are setting the foundations for their practice.

The 8-week, online program, runs each fall and winter and has been designed to take practitioners through the foundational business knowledge required from the moment of business inception through the first 18 months of practice.

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