What do you love? I don’t mean love like you love dark chocolate, but really truly love. Over the past 7 days we have spent a lot of time talking about things to do, take and watch out for with respect to one’s physical body – but we are so much more than that! At the end of the day, the goal to maintaining one’s health is not to live the longest, or travel the furthest without disease. Maintaining your health is about enabling you to live and love more freely. My health is what enables me to love my family, love my job and share love and joy with others!

Now that you have come this far in learning the in’s and out’s of self-care, take a time out to assess why you really care. Are you working towards loving yourself with greater ease? Living the best possibly life for your family or maybe regaining the energy you need to continue your contribution to your life’s work? Regardless of your motivation, I would like to encourage you to stop for a day, smell your roses and take an inventory of what is important and amazing in your world. Make a list of the things you love and bathe yourself in the people, places and things that make your physiology sparkle. Making room for the things that are good in life will naturally displace those other things that are pulling you away from what really matters.

2013 health goal, Day 8: Make a list of the things I love. Refer to it often. Include more of the list in my life, everyday.

Photo credit: Brandon Warren via Compfight