Busy moms, over-scheduled lawyers, occasionally your naturopathic doctor, we all fall victim to our poorly managed BS.

Blood sugar (BS) refers to that tightly regulated biochemical marker that ensures a steady supply of fuel to your body and in particular your brain. When blood sugar is consistently above the normal range, as with diabetes, the sugar causes damage to blood vessels and tissue. When blood sugar falls below the normal range, the body goes into compensation mode, triggering a cascade of hormones to pull sugar from the metabolism of fat and muscle. While the break down of fat may sound desirable, the body chooses these types of emergency management plans at a price, slowing your metabolism and your future capacity to effectively burn calories.

Optimizing your blood sugar is imperative to not only your metabolism, but additionally to the management of that endearing mental-emotional state known as ‘hangry.’ Hangry people are hungry and angry at the same time – exactly the worst kind of state for those busy moms, lawyers and naturopathic doctors.

The long-term mismanagement of blood sugar puts us at risk for diabetes and other metabolic conditions. It is easily treatable and an equally important reminder that our body’s (those little things we take for granted that enable us to be highly effective throughout the day) are also screaming for some nutrients. Maintaining your blood sugar will make you more productive, protect your metabolic machinery and supply your body with consistent nutrition.

5 Tips for managing your BS

Include protein with each meal. No time for breakfast? Mix yourself a protein shake with berries a banana, milk of your choice and a high quality protein powder.

Don’t have coffee before you’ve eaten and always pair coffee with a source of protein. Caffeine (without the balance of protein) will cause a spike in your blood sugar (which will result in a blood sugar crash, aka hangry mama/lawyer/ND, mid-morning).

Snack on protein such as hummus, edamame, apples & nut-butter or a protein shake.

Avoid satisfying your low blood sugar with refined products such as croissants, muffins or sweets. These will provide instant gratification followed by a rapid decline. Warning: Hanger and fatigue will follow.

Tired mid-afternoon? Toss the high carb lunch (sandwich or pasta) in favour of some protein and veggies.

2013 health goal, day 3: Eat consistently throughout the day and snack with protein.

Photo credit: http://cheesierthanthemoon.tumblr.com