If you thought consuming water was pretty basic advice, then my suggestion that you get up and move will be nothing short of predictable. The thing about the 10 habits in 10 days is that there are certain fundamentals that must be in place before we can take the rest of your health to the next level. Please note that I have positioned this post as a call for movement, not exercise and while I would like all of you to be exercising on a regular basis, I would like to ensure, that in the very least, you are actively incorporating movement into your daily routine.

Short of water, there is no intervention more powerful for combating chronic disease than movement and exercise. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and depression have all shown to be improved or cured with daily physical exercise. Our brain biochemistry, our stamina, our digestion, our sleep and just about every other physiological function is optimized with physical activity.

Moving does not mean you have to hit the gym (although this is a great option for many of us) it means taking an extra flights of stairs to your office, getting off transit one stop early or buying an exercise program for home from iTunes. Prioritizing and demonstrating the importance of movement and exercise within your life will be the single most influential action in determining your children’s likelihood of becoming physically active as well. If not for the feel-good effects and the natural influence on your waistline, the impact on your family should be sufficient motivation.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case I couldn’t agree more. This video by Toronto physician, Dr. Mike Evans has gone viral on YouTube and for good reason.

Check this out… completely worth it, I swear. 23.5 Hours

5 Keys to a successful movement program:

Structure your movement into your everyday life. Schedule your exercise like you would a meeting with your boss, that is, in red inflexible letters.

Make a list of activities you love to do. You don’t need to lift weights at the gym. Swimming, ballroom dancing, heck even pole dancing is a great form of exercise. Engage in whatever suits your fancy.

Eat 30 minutes before you move.

Be accountable to someone. Whether it is a spouse, a colleague or a friend, share your exercise plans and ask those who care about you to hold you accountable to your movement schedule.

Set a specific goal. Maybe you want to keep up with your kids or try your hand at a 5km walk/run. No matter your motivation, set your eyes on the goal. After the spirit of a new resolution wears off, your goal is what will keep you popping out of bed in the morning, in March, I promise.

2013 health goal, day 2: Create a plan to get movin’ 30 minutes each day.

Photo credit: Glen Scott via Compfight