I am at my best when :____________________________________________________________

There are many things that we have to cover in an intake, but none as valuable to me as a clinician as the one I listed above. For many people the opportunity to fill in the blank is an awakening that they don’t even know what makes them feel well. For others, it is a reminder of those things that are most important. Unlike day 8 when we talked about love, knowing when you are at your best speaks to your soul, your physical well-being and your highest potential.

Add water to your routine, can the chemicals, drop the excuses for not moving, but most importantly, make 2013 the year you surround yourself with more of what your love, filling your time with things that leave you at your best. Isn’t that the reason we value our health in the first place.

2013 health goal, Day 10: Do more of what puts me at my best.

All the best for 2013

Photo credit:Creative Commons LicenseMike Baird via Compfight