We visit our medical doctors looking for three comforting words, YOU ARE FINE. Our whole lives we have been trained by our system that the standard for good health is condensed to a single, simple, unflattering descriptor; fine.

Now, let’s be clear, fine is infinitely better than ‘not fine,’ sick, or let’s do more testing, but to be fair, it is far from where I want you to be.

If our children got a report card that described their potential as fine, we would freak out. If our performance appraisal said ‘keep up the good work, you are fine at your job,’ we would be disappointed. So when did the psyche of my high-achievers suddenly accept ‘fine’ as the highest standard of their physical potential?

Fine, in my books, is a solid ‘D.’ It is definitely not a fail, but it is a far cry from what will be needed to do something exceptional. The advantage to leveraging the knowledge and expertise of both an MD and your ND, is that you attain and test for ‘fine’ but can then arm yourself with the knowledge, testing and potential that comes with an A+ tutor.

With a little over 10 days left before the kids hit the books, I challenge you to look at the standards you have come to accept for your health. Let’s rock the last quarter of 2016, not with a D performance, but with one that is congruent with the standard of achievement you have set for every other sector of your life. You’ve got this.

Watch this– If your health were given a mark, what would you find acceptable?