We’ve all been there. We see that colleague or someone else from our industry who is on TV, publishing a book or expanding their practice. We watch them, cheer them on and then say; that could totally be me. So what is the difference between their story and yours?

We are all here because we were called to help. Whether it was an illness or an ah-ha moment, we entered the health, wellness and fitness industry because we want to take our knowledge and change the lives of others. This passion inspired us to take risks, commit long hours and spend thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars to acquire an education that would enable to us to profoundly change people’s lives. But now, just when we feel like we are at the top of our knowledge based game – the universe is not returning the favour. Sound familiar, hungry for more?

My name is Dr. Meghan Walker. I am a naturopathic doctor, entrepreneur and mother to 3 kids under 5. I started my first business when I was 17 years old and sold it by the time I turned 22. My passion is divided between teaching entrepreneurs & executives how to live healthier lives and teaching passionate health promoters to be effective entrepreneurs (go figure). I have walked the practitioner journey. I co-founded a beautiful clinic, built my private practice and eventually came onboard as the CEO of a digital health start-up called Bright Almond. This evolution loaded me with the experience that comes from brave attempts, epic failures and bold investments in the acquisition of business acumen, targeted to the health and wellness industry.

I work with mission-driven health enablers (#mdhe) who are looking to make an impact in a big bold way. I know what you do is noble and I want you to earn the living (aka, make the money) that you deserve. Richard Branson says that to earn a billion dollars, you need to help a billion people. I take people from a place of fear, disorganization and ‘I don’t know what to do’ to a business or practice that is clearly defined, flush with ideal clients and, dare I say it, PROFITABLE!!

You can have all the clinical education in the world, but if you don’t know how to run your business and market your skill – YOU CAN’T HELP PEOPLE!!!!

Entrepreneurs are innovators, leaders and professional problem solvers. These are the exact attributes of an effective practitioner, trainer or coach. Success will come from your ability to harness these innate skills and re-work them to make you an equally effective business owner.

I know what it’s like to have a million ideas, stirring passion and a hunger to help people live healthier lives. My passion is to take you from good intention, to real success with clarity and respect for the lifestyle you deserve.

You can’t afford to keep trying new things, selling real-estate on the side or hoping (aka good ‘intentionalizing’) that a healthy business is about to come your way. If you feel ready to really make this your life’s work, then let’s get this party started.




You have an abundance of clinical skills. You have all the passion you need. And you are either utterly lost and frustrated when it comes to running your business or fueled by a desire to take it to the next level. I am profoundly moved by the journey and mission of health and wellness entrepreneurs. I get you. I am one of you.

We are driven, most often, by our own positive experiences and are compelled to make the brave decision to transition or undertake a career dedicated to helping others. It is noble. It is beautiful. And it deserves to fulfill your wildest dreams.

Each year I take on a limited number of private coaching entrepreneurs interested in growing their practice or business somewhere BIG.

Like with my patients, I meet you where you are at to design a framework to solidify business systems and build a blueprint to chart your journey to the next level.

Join me for a Free Strategy call or shoot me a message to outline what you are looking to achieve.

Let’s dance.

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The First 18 is designed exclusively for those brave souls on the verge of launching their new wellness venture. This 8-week program starts fresh each fall and has been designed to take you from the moment of business inception through, you guessed it, the first 18 months in a sustainable and dare we say, profitable way.

Nearly 75% of new grads (chiros, NDs, nutritionists, etc…), fail to build a sustainable business by the time they reach 5 years in practice. Never mind student debt and family obligations, this number reflects the failed capacity to sustainably impact the people you dreamt of helping.

This program is meant for new grads serious about building a business and life that reflects their authentic values in a sustainable way. Our medicine, lifestyle medicine, is powerful, it changes lives and it is needed in the hands of millions. Your success is the success of every patient and person you impact.


Let’s change some lives together!

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B.T.O, Beyond The Office, is a mastermind program for experienced clinicians looking to scale their business model and lifestyle beyond 1:1 client/patient visits. Enrollment is currently closed, but jump on our mailing list find out when it will be launching next.

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