I am quite sure no one noticed, but I took a break from the #c4pp.  The intention of chronicling my weekly plan to get back in shape, mentally and physically for the fall was nudged slightly off course with an overwhelming need to get to bed on time, a battle with the flu and a few sick kids. While I negated my commitment to my blog, I heeded my own advice and decided that staying up all night to write was not nearly as important as enjoying a well earned night’s rest. I was worried that I was letting people down by not living up to my commitment. I confirmed what I always tell my clients – in the end, no one will judge you for choosing your health over your job or your volunteer commitments. In fact they will probably feel relieved that they too are permitted, through your actions, to prioritize their health.

Getting back on track feels good. My head is a little clearer and my commitment is renewed. Motivating me, in addition to your emails, tweets and Facebook messages (which make a huge difference by the way) are web-based tools, playlists and books that nourish my soul, challenge my mind and organize my day. I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.

Motivating/Educational Reads

UnDiet By Meghan Telpner – This has been a handy book over the past few months. Meghan is a nutritionist with a passion for transforming your life. Think of UnDiet as the manual for an 8-week version of the Campaign for Personal Power.

Ecoholic By Adria Vasil – Toronto’s resident voice of progressive yet achievable environmentalism has a handy book called Ecoholic. It contains everything you will need or want to know about how to lessen your impact on the planet.

Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giant’s Hooked Us By Michael Moss – NYT Best Selling Author, Michael Moss is about to tell you everything you didn’t want to know about processed food. Denial is not bliss, it is atherosclerosis.

Favourite (free) Apps

Map My Run – I used to love this website until I discovered the app. This handy little program lets you record your route, monitor your goals and view recommended runs/walks in your neighborhood. The friendly voice interrupts your playlist to remind you every 10 minutes how far you have traveled and your split times. (oh man it is good to be running again – especially with this little pearl)

Relax Melodies – An amazing little app filled with hundreds of relaxing sound mixes. It puts small children to sleep. Download this App!

Nozbe – Keeping track of my to do list is a never-ending chore. This is a great app that let’s you divide your To Do lists by projects, set deadlines and sync between all mobile devices.

Grocery Gateway – Yes I order my groceries. I spend less because I remove the capacity for impulse buying. The free app makes grocery shopping even easier while on the go.

Evernote – Keep track of everything that is going on in your life. Paste photos, websites and blog posts in one handy place… and yes, it will sync between devices.

Move-Mountain Playlists

Back in the 90s there was no greater way of showing your friends you cared about them than by making them a mixed tape. In the spirit of motivation, getting back on track and interesting new resources, I thought I would share with you a motivational mixed tape made just for you and the #c4pp.

Click here for your own #c4pp playlist. I made it just for you with care.

Let’s see how far we have come, shall we.

  1. Breakfast shakes with protein, green leafy items such as kale and now, our daily multi-vitamin.
  2. Daily exercise. For me, right now, this includes Joga and walking. I am hoping to start running again in September.
  3. Two lunch options, Lemon Lunch Chick Pea Salad and Kale Tahini salad
  4. A regular regime of basic supplements.
  5. 2L of water per day
  6. A re-prioritization of time and energy for those things that really matter.
  7. Pulling together the programs and Apps that make my life easier.

 My Goals for the week of August 19th

Food & Nutrients

I need a quick snack other than goat cheese. These are a family favourite and super easy. Raw Energy Balls


Joga x 2

Running x3

10 Push-ups everyday. (My friend Andrew starting doing push-ups and abs everyday. It motivated me – so I thought I would try it to.) I am adding 2 per week.

Body Composition

Getting better. Last week I tried on a pair of pre-pregnancy shorts and was even able to leave the house– as long as I didn’t try to sit down.


I am looking to hear what motivates you. I love to listen to music in the morning, and could use some new suggestions for my next playlist. Share your music suggestions in the comment section below, on twitter or Facebook. Be sure to use the hashtag #c4pp

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Best of luck this week and I look forward to seeing you next week.