Supplement Regime AM:
1 tsp Ascenta Fish Oil (Straight-up, not in my shake. This is a personal preference)
½ tsp Up Multi-Vitamin (I usually put it directly in my shake)****

Supplement Regime PM:
1 Tbsp (500mg) calcium citrate (not to be taken close to any other medication or supplements)

**** I have avoided needing to include extra B-vitamins, iron and vitamin D because I put sufficient amounts into the multi-vitamin when it was formulated. For men, or those not needing extra iron, I have also created a powdered multi-vitamin called Nourish.

So let’s consolidate the last 3 weeks of habit forming into one easy list. For those of you who have been following along, here is what we have accomplished so far.

1. Breakfast shakes with protein, green leafy items such as kale and now, our daily multi-vitamin.
2. Daily exercise. For me, right now, this includes Joga and walking. I am hoping to start running again in September.
3. Two lunch options, Lemon Lunch Chick Pea Salad and Kale Tahini salad(new this week.) Check out this recipe and other from raw food guru, Angela Liddon.
4. A regular regime of basic supplements.

My Goals for the week of July 8th

Food & Nutrients:
Normally water consumption is easy for me, but not lately. My goal, this week, is to include at least three, 800mL Kleen Kanteen water bottles per day (2400mL).

Joga x 3
1 hour walk (with stroller and assorted, heavy paraphernalia below) x 2

Body Composition & Strength Goals:
I somehow managed to avoid the scale all week. So while I don’t have a number to report, I can say that I am definitely getting stronger. Each week Joga feels, less and less, like a form or ancient Ayurvedic torture.
Strength goal: 1 chin-up

While perhaps much more light-hearted than the motivational references I shared over the last two posts, I thought I would provide something a little lighter as we all push through the hottest days of summer.

A special shout-out to my friend Jon Ages and his site, Blood Sweat and Cheers. This poster is part of their series called Motivational Mondays.

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Best of luck this week and I look forward to seeing you online.