What an amazing 5 weeks. On June 1st I gave birth to our second daughter – a healthy and beautiful little girl. It has been a great transition having two small people in the house and while I feel like we are finally finding our groove, I am rapidly re-setting my expectations around personal space, sleep and the manageable level of chaos in my home.

To suggest that our life is busy is a bit of an understatement. Being self-employed, my maternity-leave will be coming to an abrupt end this week as I head back to clinic. Rushing to work with baby in tow, dropping a two year old at pre-school before 8 and figuring out how and what to eat for breakfast is a major challenge… all this before I even set foot in the office. The mornings are hectic, the evenings are similar and that days in between are a whirlwind of activity. In short, I would say, my days probably look something like your own. The reality is that we are over-worked and under-resourced to be living the balanced life we are all striving to achieve and emulate for our children.

The Campaign 4 Personal Power (#c4pp) is about taking back control of how you live, for the sake of a healthy life. As I journey back to work, back to my ideal weight, back to a state of balanced eating and personal identity, I would like to invite you to join me. I will share my resources, secret recipes and the up and downs of balancing one too many balls. The Campaign is about accountability, to myself and to you. It is about being the best you can be despite a busy schedule, two kids under two and a general state of modern-day demands.

The most motivating part of any campaign is the collaboration and encouragement of making positive changes together. Join me on Facebookand Twitter using the hastag #c4pp to share your stories, recipes and feedback as we work through these positive changes together. The aim is to reach Canadian Thanksgiving armed with new recipes, strategic life goals in place and a healthy body to carry us through a busy and productive year ahead. We aren’t waiting for a new year to make great changes, we are making them now, today! Look out 2014, we are out to get you.

My Goals for the week of July 8th


Pack my lunch – I will be in the office on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, lunch will be in tow.


Joga 4 times this week (I am giving my poor pelvic floor a break from running until at least September). Joga is an amazing variation on traditional yoga with a greater focus on dynamic, athletic movement. It is a killer workout.

Weight Goals:

I am aiming to lose a total of 15-18lbs. I provided a range because this is more about achieving a healthy body composition and not an ideal weight. I will admit, I gained 44lbs during this second pregnancy, topping out at 189lbs. (I can’t believe I am sharing) I am working to lose around 2lbs per week through diet and exercise (with a little kick provided through breastfeeding).

Current weight: 162lbs (Whoa, again, rather scary to share)

Personal Question for Grounding & Focus:

What is chronic, repetitive or inflamed in your inner or outer life? (Thank you Danielle Laporte for your stunning Fire Starter Questions)

Follow along for recipes, photos, the good and the bad through Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to share your goals and recipes using the hashtag #c4pp

Best of luck this week and I look forward to seeing you online.