As the snow and slush pile up once again it is sometimes difficult to upload the motivation that had inspired our newly sculpted New Year’s resolutions. Change, especially the kind that makes us healthier, is fraught with challenge. Healthy changes mean modifying routines, cooking new meals and enduring the initial discomfort of newly discovered muscles. We are all encouraged to change our lives for different reasons and we all have a different story we tell ourselves about how this year will be different. As the world faces fiscal cliffs, it is fitting that in exploring the art of resolution mastery that we explore the resources that will support our desire for positive change.

For many of us, our most common excuse is not necessarily a lack of motivation, but a lack of resources. Insufficient time and funding top the list of cited causes for resolution meltdowns. The truth in managing the achievement of our goals is not necessarily by acquiring more resources, but in tapping into our ability to become more resourceful. Making change in 2013 is not dependent on the size of your bank account, or the brand of your shoes, your resolution 
 destiny is entirely dependent on the resourcefulness of your spirit. 2013 can be the year that changes your life, not because you went to the gym, ate more green vegetables or endeavored to be more punctual, but because you resolved to make your life meaningful with what you have. Achievements of the human spirit do not usually start with wealth of time or money but rather with the resourcefulness that accompanies the emotion of determination.

Over the next 10 days I will lay the foundation for creating a new you. We will not be doing a detox, juice cleanse or fancy supplement regime, instead we will be reviewing the most foundational pieces of healthy living and life changing habits. I believe that good health enables people to achieve their life’s work – start your new year with a few healthy habits and the rest of your resolutions will fall in your lap.

Good Luck

Photo credit: ashley rose, via Compfight