Much like you could examine the exhaust of a car to study and understand the efficiency of your engine’s functionality, Organic Acid testing enables us to look under your hood and understand how well your system is functioning. The insight is based on the metabolic by-products you are dumping into your urine. Specifically, we are able to see the breakdown products of gut bacteria, neurotrasmitters and the by-products of cellular metabolism.

The metabolic cycles of most biological pathways require very specific nutrients to operate effectively. If there are nutritional deficiencies or other impairments to the metabolic machinery, the body produces by-products. These byproducts are what we measure in the urine. It provides a unique glimpse into very specific steps in important biological functions.

Some of the key biological functions we can look at with Organic Acid testing include:

Energy production – how effectively your cells manufacture energy and remove the by-products of its production.

Fat metabolism – how efficiently your manage the breakdown of fat for energy

Digestive flora/intestinal bacterial overgrowth (healthy bacteria) – the breakdown products of various classes of microbes are analyzed, including candida.

Methylation – An examination of your ability to effectively methylate and convert folic acid.

Oxidative Stress – A measurement of your production of pro-aging substances as a result of normal physiological processes.

Neurotransmitter turnover – These substances can profoundly influence patterns of stress response, emotional well-being, cognition, and sleep.

Imbalances in cellular metabolism are implicated in chronic fatigue, accelerated cellular breakdown and unhealthy aging. The metabolic pathways we examine have additional implications with the following clinical manifestations:

Stubborn weight loss

Low energy

Poor thyroid regulation

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain

Brain fog

All in all, Organic Acid Testing is an important consideration when examining your health in the context of optimal functionality. Talk with you practitioner about whether it may provide insight into you unique circumstance.